05 October 2006

Mom, you have such a talent for wording things.

"As you maintain your vibration, your world will change to attract to you that which will support it now." -Carol Tuttle

My daughter said to me tonight, "Mom, you have such a talent for wording things. They just make sense and sound so COOL when you say them!" Geesh, now if only she would listen when I say, "Do the dishes!"

But as I have been thinking about attracting money, and helping others to see that their money problems are really only thoughts that they are creating into a spectacular reality, I realize that perhaps it is in the wording. So this is what showed up on my scratch pad this evening:

I AM a commander of money.

I give money the charge to multiply and return to me.

I give money the authority to grow and pay for all of my wishes and desires.

I give money the magnetic attraction to be drawn to me.

If it is the wording that has been keeping you stuck in a place you are ready to move on from, feel free to jot it down, tape it to a mirror, say it every day...

I wish you the best on your path 2Create Your Life! And if you would like a friend to accompany you down that path, contact me to learn more about life coaching.

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