14 October 2006

Your Everyday Thoughts

It's another thought from the scratch pad!
"Your everyday thoughts are changing the world!"

Just imagine what that means! Just imagine the power! Your thoughts, the ones that you have every day, whether you think about it or not, are creating your life, and creating your world...And there are Infinite Possibilities!

How absolutely fabulous! I have LOVED learning this, and learning to put it into practice every day.

One of my favorite teachers is Mike Dooley and his "Totally Unique Thoughts"!

He is so in tune, it is like, "Knock! Knock! The Universe is calling!"
Check it out for yourself!
...Imagine receiving a "Note from the Universe" in your inbox each day! Just a short little thought to make you smile or inspire you... The other day I opened up my "note from the universe" to read a quote of something I had just said the day before! They've got a direct line in to what the Universe is really all about! And each day is a new thought....No repeats here!

And now I am really thrilled... I can get BOOKS of these "Notes From the Universe"! These are so great... I love to go read a couple of these if I start having a bad day... Turns it right around and puts a smile on my face.

And after you've signed up for that little freebie, head over to the audios for 7 minutes of inspiration that will start you out with a "duh!" and leave you with a "WOW!"... And just imagine what he might say in the rest of the program! You'll find that in the "Live Recordings" under the "Resources" link at the top of the page.

And then don't forget to go explore the store... They have got the cutest little baby rompers! Sigh... My children are all too big! But I think I'm going to find a creative way to use those bumper stickers...I want to be able to see them to! And I suppose I can be consoled by the adorable picture frame "I AM a Dream Come True.", and the fabulous T-Shirts!.... Ooohhhhh! More books!

Ummm...That's not the Universe calling.... Those are my kids! You go browse through the Infinite Possibilities over at T.U.T. NOW, and check back in with me later!
Have fun!

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