16 November 2006

Is it too early to talk about Christmas?

I was thinking about Christmas gifts today...going through who was on my list, and what I might like to give to them. I thought I might share some of the things I have found this year that are on my list to give to others! A couple of times a week I will pass along another wonderful thought of sharing and giving!
So what is first on the list? Well, I think I have to go with some of the wonderful things that the people over at www.tut.com offer. Have you gone over to check out the free daily thoughts from the universe delivered to your inbox Monday through Friday? If so, you will recognize just how inspirational and fun today's gift thought will be! They have books with the past thoughts from The Universe! I believe there are actually three books now. How fantastic would it be to give out copies of these wonderful books? And there are discounts for buying multiple copies!
Perhaps you would like to inspire somebody, or treat yourself to some wonderful inspiration. Make sure you check out the Infinite Possibilities CD set . I think just about everything at this site is inspirational! Go see what YOU think!

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