14 November 2006

It IS Divine

This subject keeps being brought before me, so I thought it must be time to share it.

What is IT that is divine? Well, EVERYTHING!

First off, let's start with the fact that YOU are a perfect soul. There is nothing you can do to change that. It does not matter what you may have done before this moment, YOU are a PERFECT soul. It doesn't matter what may have happened in your life, YOU are a PERFECT soul. It doesn't matter what you have been through, or who did what, YOU are a PERFECT soul. And in case none of that applies to YOU, I will simply say that YOU too are a PERFECT soul.

And once you can accept that you are a perfect soul (OR accept the possibility that there might be just a hint of truth to the thought), then consider the thought that everything that has happened in your life has brought you to this point. Consider that all is divinely guided to happen, NOT TO US, but FOR US.

What have you learned along the way? What have you gone through that you can help someone else go through? Can you look back through the events of your life and see how they led you to where you needed to be, to do what you needed to do? Are you at a point NOW where you can see where they are leading you? Are you following your path to happiness and joy? Are you living in your life's purpose? Are you surrounded by only things that love and support you?

And if not, how much of the past are you holding onto (inside of you, emotionally)? A huge clue to the answer to that is to take a look around you (physically)...what do you see? Are you surrounded by things that support you, that you love? Or are you overwhelmed by the mounds of never ending "shoulds", and piles from a past you have never let go of?

And this leads us to clutter. I have been there. So much stuff that there are pathways to get around things. Or everything shoved into any available space because company is coming. Or my favorite is to simply pile things in closets, behind and under tables, anywhere that you don't have to see it! Join me again for tales of clutter and how to unbury yourself... and what does that have to do with how much I weigh, and what kind of emotional state I am in?!

And don't forget, a life coach can support you in reaching any goal. They can be there to help you up if you fall, and be the cheerleader on the sideline keeping you going. Contact me to learn more about having a personal life coach to be with you on your journey. I am going 2Create a wonderful day! What are you off to do?

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