15 November 2006

What is Emotional Freedom Techniques?

Emotional Freedom Techniques , or E.F.T., was developed by Gary Craig. It is similar to acupuncture, in that it stimulates your energy system, but is done without needles! It is an easy to learn, self applied technique of tapping gently on certain points of your body while saying a few simple statements.

That really is the simple explanation. And what will this do for you? As the name says, it will give you emotional freedom. It will give you calm, peace of mind, the ability to react instead of over react. It will help you move past your stopping blocks, and be the most successful person you can be...whatever that means to you. It can help you get over that fear of spiders, it can help you relate to your children calmly even when you are upset, and it can help you get over being upset so that you can move on to finding the solution you need.

The process is simple. You tap on one particular point of your body while saying a "set-up phrase" three times. You can say, "Even though I have (this problem), I completely love and accept myself." Insert your particular problem or event into the parentheses...the more specific the better. Then tap about 7 times at each of 8 particular spots while stating a "remind phrase", such as "(this problem)".

Repeat as needed, altering your "set-up phrase" to say, "Even though I still have this remaining problem, I completely love and accept myself." And continue doing the rest of the process exactly the same.

I know, you are probably asking, "Can it really be that simple?" or "Can it really help me?" And the answer to both of these questions is a resounding, energetic, enthusiastic, "YES!" I have been working with E.F.T. for about 7 years now. It really is that simple. It really can help you move past major problems. I have seen it conquer depression, raise self-esteem, relax angry people, calm down sad people, get rid of hiccups, keep a family with young children calm while the father was unexpectedly put into the ICU at the hospital, get jobs easier, raise vibrations, raise incoming finances, heal 20+ year old memories... and those are just a few highlights. The motto is, "try it on anything!"

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