08 December 2006

Did you know THAT was Dangerous? Part 2

As I said yesterday, I am breaking this article up over a few days. Today you get part 2. Come back for the third and final part to be posted no later than Monday! I hope you have a wonderful and fun filled weekend! See you back here next week!
Quick recap:

....here are some of the most unusual household dangers that every Biz Mom and Biz Dad should be aware of.
  4. FLOURIDE- We have all heard of fluoride. It is in our toothpaste, and we get fluoride treatments at the dentists' office. We've been told it helps to build strong teeth. What we haven't been told is that the EPA classifies it as a highly toxic substance requiring full body protection and face masks. Remedy: Avoid the fluoride. Strong teeth are built by eating RAW produce, especially those beautiful leafy greens with their super high calcium content! There are plenty of brands of toothpaste made without fluoride, that are much easier to find in the local health food stores. There are also other alternatives to toothpaste.

  5. ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCE- This is so present in so many places! It is in our laundry soap, dish soap, shampoo, hand soap, dryer sheets, candles... We plug it into outlets, and even spray it on ourselves in repeated applications. I believe this is the one that scares me the most, because it is so ever present and hard to get away from...just sniff in the store or even at the playground. Artificial fragrances are filled with phthalates... they do not have to be listed as such because they are considered a trade secret. I am sure that many of us went through having to check the baby's teething toys for phthalates, and are aware that they are very dangerous. And here they have turned up again hidden by trade secrets, and put into everything, even though we now know that phthalates cause cells to grow deformed. Whether that means a physical deformity or a mental deformity, it none the less changes our very cellular structure as we breathe it in. There are even some reports saying that phthalates simply kill off brain cells. Remedy: There are so many natural scents in the world...and it is so easy to find essential oils these days to sprinkle around to create a wonderful smell! Or try an old fashioned idea like: baking a meal/treat, simmer a pot a herbal tea, warm some apple cider with cinnamon sticks added to it...

I would love to hear from you about what you do to create a wonderful natural scent in your home!
Go create that wonderul, fun filled weekend, and come back on Monday for the conclusion to "Did you know THAT was dangerous?"

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