31 December 2006


Okay, so I get REALLY busy on the holidays with my family! I so love this time of year, all the lights, watching their faces light up to new toys or books, or whatever the gifts they received were! It has been so nice to just nestle down at home for the past week and enjoy life!
I can't wait to start the new year, I can just FEEL so many great things starting up and heading our way! It is such an exciting time of year! I'll be back next week to start sharing more...some of my favorite topics have come up recently. Homeschooling....I can't wait to share all the wonderful things that happened over the holidays with my family's NEW reaction to homeschooling! The Law of attraction....all of these new and wonderful things that we have been creating starting to come into our lives! How we have handled the emotions and upsets that have entered into our lives over the holidays, and the dark winter months, and how we have been able to handle them so easily and calmly with EFT and a little bit of coaching!
So, as I go to sit down with my family and enjoy welcoming in the New Year, I just wanted to wish everyone a fantastic, fabulous, wonderful, wondrous year of 2007! And if yours is not starting out the way that you would like to see it happen, contact me, and let's see if together we can get it onto track you would like to be on!

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Amber said...

Happy new year!