20 December 2006


I have to say it, "I LOVE to GIVE!"
We are sorting through our belongings again, finding the things that we truly love, and weeding out the things that no longer serve us. It feels so wonderful to do this at this time of year, and then with a simple phone call you can donate all those things to an organization that will see to getting them to people who need them, and they even come pick them up! That just makes it so easy to give. I love knowing that the things that no longer serve me, can continue on to serve others. I love to know that what I have let go of, can make someone else so happy. And I love how wonderful it feels to release the old, and have the space to embrace the new! Hmmm...I think I feel a new Year's resolution in that....

My children are learning so much about the joy of giving, and it is bringing so much more happiness into their lives... and that requires practicing receiving! Share the joy of giving with your children, let them learn from your example and encouragement. As a parent coach, I am here to serve you and help you decide upon the best choices for you and your family. I've "been there, done that." I learn so much more each and every day from the journey I am on with my children... a journey that started 14 years ago. I am so blessed!

And if you need help getting through all the emotions that you unpack as you look at what you have, a life coach can help you get through that. As a life coach, one of my favorite tools to use is EFT. EFT is a very simple, yet powerful, tool to help settle emotions in an uproar, or to help get through the thoughts and feelings that are leaving you stuck. It won't cover the problem, or hide it, it will simply help you to release the emotions attached to it allowing you to see it "in perspective".

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or thoughts. I LOVE to GIVE!

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