06 December 2006

More Christmas Gift Ideas!

First thought... DON'T FORGET YOURSELF!

I thought I would share a bunch of tips from a wonderful lady named Rita Emmett. This lady has got some excellent advice and tips for getting organized, reducing clutter, getting yourself on track.... You can check out her wonderful, inspirational products at her website . You are sure to find something for yourself and that person on your list who already has everything! (Okay, that was a really bad joke about clutter!) I'm sure I will have more to say about clutter very soon. After all, I have a bunch that I am finding as I put up the Christmas decorations!

Enjoy these tips from Rita Emmett, and see how many you can implement this year!


1. Back off from the expectation of doing everything.
2. Stop agreeing to attend a gazillion activities and parties
that you don't enjoy. Go to the ones you absolutely have to
(your mother's place, maybe?), say no to a few of the others, and
call in sick for one or two that you couldn't possibly say no to.
3. Once you've cleared your calendar during the holidays,
plan one event you would love:
* lunch with a friend?
* driving around looking at decorations?
* serving meals to the homeless?
* spending time with a favorite child (while the parents wrap presents)?
* a spiritual activity?
* a nap?
* a concert, play or pageant?
* time alone?
4. Figure out whose expectations you're trying to live up to - your
own? your family's? your friend's? maybe even someone who has passed
away? Keep asking yourself, "Why am I doing this?"
5. Make a list of the people you'll buy gifts for & stick to it. No
adding later.
6. Decide on a price range for gifts and stick to it. No adding later.
7. Get started on your shopping today & try to have it done this week.
8. Set dates on your calendar to decorate, wrap or whatever, so you
aren't frantic and frazzled at the last minute.
9. Simplify your gift shopping by buying on-line, from catalogs or
giving gift certificates.
10. Simplify gift giving in groups of friends, co-workers or family by
suggesting a grab bag.
11. If you tend to receive gifts you never want or need, offer
suggestions. Either specific (these items in this catalogue or web
site) or general (candles, flowers). If some people always give you
great gifts, leave them alone to do their thing:)
12. If you always lose & never use gift certificates, ask people not to
buy them for you. Suggest some other ideas.
13. Put up only half your decorations this year. See if the world ends
or if anyone complains.
14. Get rid of those decorations you never use. Donate them to a
charity where someone would cherish & love using them.
15. Clarify what holiday chores you enjoy --- decorate, bake, shop,
entertain, etc. See if you can figure out ways to do more of what you
like & less of what you don't like to do.
16. Schedule - actually mark on your calendar - a few days or evenings
off just to relax and enjoy yourself.
17. If you dread loneliness during this season, invite someone else who
is alone to join you to attend a concert or somehow spend time together.
18. Another idea if you're alone is to call the Salvation Army or your
church or synagogue to volunteer for something during the holidays.
It's a fun way to meet people. You can work on days other than the
actual holiday, if you want.
19. Don't let stories on TV make you feel inadequate. Most families
don't have perfect happy endings to every situation like the people
in holiday shows. And NOBODY is as hysterically, insanely happy as the
people in the commercials.

May you have a blessed, joy-full, peace-full, wonder-full holiday season.

Rita Emmett
Author of The Procrastinator's Handbook and The Clutter-Busting Handbook

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