18 December 2006

"The Secret" - watch it NOW for free!

I got a note in my email box with a link to somewhere that had a link to watch "The Secret" on Google Video! It's the full extended version, FREE, for you to watch at your computer! Way too cool. So go for it! Get a drink, put your feet up, and sit down and relax for the next 90 minutes...it is well worth it! (Scroll down one post...)

Meanwhile, it is my daughter's birthday today! So we have been terribly busy preparing for Christmas, and celebrating birthdays! (My dad's birthday was this past weekend.) We have more birthdays coming up, Christmas, New Year's, a new job, and moving to a different state the first part of next year...

So many changes, so many fantastic things coming in to my life thanks to learning "the secret". And the movie, "The Secret", is a fabulous presentation of how and why things affect your life every day.... whether you know about them and believe them or not.
When you have finished watching "The Secret", try it out, think about it, ask questions... and if you need someone to help guide you through learning and using "the secret", let me know! The secret is one of my very favorite things! And I would love to coach you to reaching your dreams, and 2create(ing) your life!

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