15 February 2007


I couldn't believe it. We have decluttered and decluttered for the last few months. I have been really impressed with how much we have gotten rid of, how many things we have been willing to let go of. And we have had an amazing side effect happen. They more we get rid of, the more we want to get rid of. We are spending more family time together, we are learning more, exploring more, having more fun.... And we discovered that we have the most fun when we are spending time together as a family, than with any other object in the house... although there are days when the computer holds a close second!
Well, with Chinese New Year coming up, in an effort to "spring clean" and prepare the house, we have further decluttered. I thought it was impressive that we had come up with 17 boxes of S.T.U.F.F. (Something That Undermines Family Fun - FlyLady.net) to get rid of. After all, we have already had the donation truck come out 5 times before this, and each time they have picked up 15-20 boxes of S.T.U.F.F.. I had already arranged for a Salvation Army truck to come pick up our donations. They were scheduled to be here today.
Flash back to yesterday when my teenage daughter says to me, "Wouldn't it be cool to have 30 boxes for the donation truck?" "Is that a challenge? The truck comes tomorrow," I answered. She stuttered and hmmmed for a minute or two and came back with, "Yes, It is a challenge! Do you think we can do it?!" "I don't know, but it sure will be neat to try! With you helping, I think we can pull it off together!"
Back to the current moment...the Salvation Army donation truck just pulled away. Do you think we met the challenge?
It was a dedicated effort, we worked really hard going through things, thought about why we were keeping things, and really did some soul searching. By the end of last night we had gotten to 19 boxes, we had only collected 2 boxes and had 11 boxes to go. We woke up this morning and kept going.
And the final results?
31 boxes, an easel, and 2 pictures...

AND an assurance that we would have them come out again! We made a break through this morning, and we were left with the desire to go through the entire house all again....
We know there is more that we carry with us that is not sacred to us. Something that really got us going, that I credit as helping us set ourselves free from our endless piles of clutter and belongings was reading "Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui". This book has really opened our eyes to the reasons why we were keeping S.T.U.F.F., and has given us the information to really choose what we wanted to keep. It has given us the real tools to happiness... it is not in what you own. Karen has a way of making you see why all of these possessions keep accumulating, and how to free yourself from it, without allowing you to feel guilty. She teaches you to find what is sacred and thank the rest for teaching you what you needed to know...
I love this book, and highly recommend it. You can find your own copy here:

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