19 February 2007

Diabetes in America

This is a topic that I am constantly being asked about. Everybody wants to know how to "cure" Type 2 Diabetes, or they are astounded that it can be cured. It seems that diabetes has become a "norm" in our society...but, honestly, I have a hard time understanding why. Type 2 Diabetes is a recent thing. So why is everybody getting it these days... I believe it IS our food choices.
Well when Mike Adams came out with this Counter Think cartoon, I had to share... it has kept my family laughing for a couple of weeks now!

Commentary by Mike Adams, the creator of this cartoon:

I don't know what things were like when you were growing up, but when I was a kid, I often heard the statement that if you didn't finish the food on your plate, it was some sort of humanitarian crime since there were "children starving in China!"

Fast forward to 2007. Children in China are now adopting western diets by consuming more red meat, more dairy products, more processed sugars and refined white flour. The result? They're not starving anymore; they're suffering from diabetes!

The United States is the world's leading exporter of disease. We not only export sugary sodas that cause diabetes and fast food chains that sell french fries loaded with acrylamides and trans fatty acids, we actually have corporations that continue to export pesticides, pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals that have been BANNED in the United States. They're too toxic for Americans, but perfectly safe to sell to small African nations, it seems. The FDA, by the way, actually allows this practice.

And so America's trading partners around the world are getting clobbered with the same neurological disorders, birth defects, cancer rates and obesity problems that were once largely confined to America and the UK. It is no exaggeration to say that the more any country in the world engages in so-called "free trade" with America, the worse their health gets. In a single generation, smaller nations that once had healthy, sane populations have been reduced to Pepsi-drinking, cookie-chomping, insulin-pumping junkies of western culture.

....finish reading the full commentary at http://www.NewsTarget.com/021505.html


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