16 March 2007

Anyone Can Be An MD!

Catchy isn't it?! This post is a few months old, but it just seems to fit in my life right now, so I thought I would share. It was posted to EFT Blog back in November 2006 by Gary Craig. You can learn more at his EFT site.

The EFT Medical University--Anyone Can Be An MD (Major Do-gooder)

With tongue in cheek, I hereby establish EMU (EFT Medical University). It has no curriculum and costs nothing to attend. Nonetheless, a diligent group of EMU graduates can bring more healing to the planet than all the world's drugs, surgeries and radiations combined.

To graduate, you need only be persuasive enough to convince one person (including yourself) to consistently exercise, eat sensibly and eliminate the angers, fears and traumas that drain our immune systems. Exercise is freely available in multitudes of forms, Sensible diets boil down to simple choices and emotional health can be achieved through proper use of
EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

How obvious!

To some, however, this is easier said than done. That's why doctors' offices are filled with couch potatoes who guzzle beer and gorge on chocolate cake AND are hoping for a magic pill to wash away their unhealthy lifestyles. Docs know this and it's the reason why so many of them are shaking their heads in wonderment these days. They are placed on a pedestal by drug companies and the medical establishment and are expected to produce unrealistic miracles where simple common sense will often do the job.

So, from a health point of view, the world may not need yet another medical procedure. Instead, it needs persuasive salespeople that can drum home these simple ideas. Properly followed, I predict that this idea will drop our medical bills 80%.

So, be a student of EMU and convince just one person (including yourself) to consistently practice these lifestyle shifts. This will earn you an MD (Major Do-gooder) and will equip you to be among the premiere healers on the planet.


Gary Craig, MD

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