19 July 2007

Birthdays, Shmirthdays,...Humbug

Is there something about birthdays that make young kids think that they are supposed to be waited on hand and foot, or that the world should start revolving around them? J-man turned 7 years old today, and I think he gained an attitude. Most of the day he has been mad at me because his birthday falls in the middle of the week, and the people he wanted to invite to his birthday party have to work, so his birthday party isn't until this weekend. And I swear that boy inherited ALL of my stubbornness (and I invariable out stubborn everyone), and ALL of his father's stubbornness too... I wonder when he will figure out that he can out stubborn me... I hope I can always hold this illusion! At least until he is grown and moved out of the house! ;-)

The really neat thing about this year's birthday party is J-man's choice of "party" and people to invite. He decided that since the EarthSave potluck was canceled for July (it would have happened on his birthday), that he would have a vegan potluck and invite all of our new vegan friends from the Ching Sanctuary, and vegan cooking classes. It should be a real trip. I believe that including ourselves, we will have 17-20 people gracing our living room this weekend. I hope I can find enough dishes, etc. I hope I can reorganize the living room to accommodate the folding tables and chairs I have yet to find!

I really am thrilled with his choice... my house gets cleaned up, we get to have friends over, and we get to eat great food! Much better than the usual screaming kids, and gluten filled cake and cow ice cream that is usually a birthday party. I think I might just copy his idea for my birthday this year....

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