20 July 2007

The Zoo Changes

We have had a plethora of animals parading through our house lately. Some have brought tragedy, and some have brought joy.

We have had three dwarf hamsters, one cat, and platies and goldfish (separate
tanks, of course). But over the course of the last two weeks....

Our little kitty, Nora, best kitty in the world, she babysits the hamsters when they get out, they play with her through the bars of their cages, she loves everyone in the house.... had a kitten. Yes, just one kitten. She just went into heat for the first time, and we thought she had been inside for the whole time of it, but obviously she wasn't. So she had a litter of just one kitten.

The B acquired a bearded dragon and all it's supplies. She saved the money she's been earning from her businesses to buy the bearded dragon and supplies herself. It was great! She took it outside to play with her and the boys. She built it a pool in the lady bug sand box (which was empty of sand at the time). It was a fantastic site to see. I wish I had taken pictures of it, but wouldn't you know the kids had made off with the camera again, and worn the battery down to nothing...and that was the last camera battery in the house.

Then, while we were out getting crickets for the lizard, The B fell in love with a beta, so of course he had to come home. Plum, a beautiful purple male beta, was added to the 10 gallon fish tank with the platies. It is a great tank for him, because I grow the Anachris in it for the platies and the goldfish to eat.

Goldfish are known for tearing out all the plants in their tanks. So, I leave some Anachris in their tank for them to munch on, and store and grow the rest in the platie tank. (I feel a blog coming about fish in the future!) And those extra plants in the 10 gallon tank are perfect for betas to laze around on! Maybe he can earn his keep by controlling the platie population a bit!

Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of The Zoo Changes!

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