17 January 2008

The Power of Green

Life is about change, movement. You are either growing or dying. If you stop changing, growing, moving, then you must be ready to start dying.

I heard this said to me, and then I've heard it repeated again. I believe this. I live this.

But this house... we moved into a old, rundown, single wide trailer temporarily when the winter finances took a hard hit. It has a multitude of problems...the water system, the electrical system, the last people tore the furnace out, the floor is peeling up, bees sneak in a window (but we can't find the hole), the small bedroom is not even big enough to be a closet... okay you get the idea. Then being a single wide, it is definitely not big enough for us. We keep tripping on each other, and there is no such thing as privacy or alone time here!

The energy in this house is just depressing. We have been working on getting years of grime cleaned out of it and doing space clearings, but with all of our stuff in here, it's hard to move around too much! This has been affecting our eating habits. I found that we didn't even WANT to cut up fruit to eat, or make smoothies. We actually started eating out of cans and boxes for a few weeks. I went back to coffee every day... talk about backsliding!

We finally got the energy moving just enough that we saw what we were eating, we looked around and saw how we were acting, what we had been doing...it was all pretty depressing. So we made a conscious effort to make a smoothie, it actually was more difficult than it sounds, the air here is thick with stuck energy.

Here's the thing...
Even J-Man begged for more smoothie. When I say smoothie, I do mean green smoothies, loaded with leafy greens. The next day the kids asked for another green smoothie, and then the next day. By the fourth day, I was hoping out of bed in the morning, chipper as can be, ready to make another green smoothie! Our shopping trip this week included filling the refrigerator with several heads of Romaine lettuce, and of course a bunch of other greens, and fruits. The heads of lettuce literally FILL the fridge. J-Man looked into the fridge the next day, and says, "YES! I'm going to be asking for green smoothies all week Mom!" What a wonderful feeling to have your children asking to eat their "veggies", listing "green leafy vegetables" as their favorite food!

Other advantages, the puffy stomach has gone back down and my pants are fitting again, the boys aren't fighting quite as much, we aren't quite as cranky, and I don't need the coffee everyday again. In fact, I am finding that I only need coffee on days that I don't have green smoothies. And we are starting to move around and become active again.

Wow, the power of green!

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