01 February 2008

Music From Around The World

Perhaps it is because we are homeschoolers (life learners, radical unschoolers), maybe it is because my mom exposed me to all the wonderful culture around us growing up, maybe it is my desire to learn about other people and their cultures around the world... whatever it is, it is long past time I should have mentioned this wonderful web site that I found about 2 years ago.
The site is Cabash Music. They feature artists from around the world, bring you new and upcoming artists, local events, special occasions, and more. They profile different artists, you can search for music by region of the world, they interview artists, and they give you free music every week.
I guess that is how they made it to this post today. They seemed to have made a few changes over the last couple of months, and today announced in their newsletter a change to their free music downloads. They are now giving 10 free songs a week that you can download from their site. Even neater is that they have a Widget for their free song downloads that you can put onto your personal webspace. So, now you can see what the free songs are when you come to visit my blog!
And I just LOVE free stuff, especially when it is worth so much more! So when you find that perfect sound, artist, style, you can look it up at Cabash Music, and purchase more of it. And in doing so, you might just be supporting some local artist just getting their start. You see, on Calabash, you don't have to have a big label, you can self publish!
Go get something new to listen to! Have fun!

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