21 March 2008

Information Overload

Have you ever gotten to a place where you really did want to know more about something, but you realize that the sheer volume of the information is overwhelming? I just hit one of those.

I found this wonderful website today, www.brucelipton.com. I started scanning the articles to see if anything piqued my interest. Of course, I would have loved to delve into any of them, but as it was my first visit, I wanted to scan through what types of ideas I would find at this site. As every good site does, I was hooked. I was caught by the words, "The Wisdom of Your Cells". Actually I was drawn in by Part 3, which I came across first, and decided to read it.

(I wonder how many other people do that? How many people would have to go find Part 1, and then Part 2, before allowing themselves to read Part 3? Hmmm.... Well, not me. Sometimes only one part is relevant to me at that point, and then what would be the point to reading the other parts at that time?)

As I read through Part 3 of "The Wisdom of Your Cells" I kept thinking that I wanted to share that thought with the world (via my blog of course), and then that thought, and then that thought.... You get the idea. I could have simply posted the entire article... but it was four pages. So then I thought that I would simply link to the article...after reading Part 1 and part 2, I couldn't wait to read more!

I found "The Wisdom of Your Cells" (Part 1) on the second page of articles and clicked on it to read it. At the bottom of the first page I see that the article is six pages long, and started to wonder why I had taken on this task right now. At the end of the six pages I was clamoring for more, and scanned the article list to find "The Wisdom of Your Cells Part 2: How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology". I clicked on that link and scrolled to the bottom to see that this one was seven pages long. Of course at this point, the boys got into a fight, my daughter came in with a list of questions, and the magical trance of "I don't care how long it is" was broken. I have decided that Bruce Lipton was wise to have broken "The Wisdom of Your Cells" into three parts. And as information overload can be quite real, maybe I should follow the authors wisdom, and take in the article in three parts. So I have left Part 2 of "The Wisdom of Your Cells" for tomorrow.

And as spectacular and fascinating as I am finding the article, I encourage you to look it up if the idea intrigues you to do so, rather than attempting to give you nuggets from it at this point. Enjoy!

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