23 April 2008

It Makes You Wonder....Mercury in Our Mouths

I am so much more awake in the morning. I am full of creativity, ideas flow like a river....
So why do I wait until I am falling asleep to write a blog post? It might have something to do with three kids running around, or maybe it is the fans running all day long.
Can't seem to get my brain to wrap around a thought long enough to have it! Then again it might have something to do with mercury. I was reading up on the energy of teeth last night, and ran into a wall of information on the affects of mercury on the body. How so these relate? The answer is fillings... amalgam fillings... the ones they have been putting into our mouths forever. I think I read somewhere that it has been like 150 years, but don't quote me on that. Fillings were originally done in gold or other solid metals. But interestingly enough blacksmiths and barbers won out over medical doctors and fillings started using mercury in the fillings. Amalgam fillings are 50% mercury and 50% silver. The amount of mercury in the fillings was increased to this amount in the '60s.

I found this really interesting fact about mercury in our mouths. Mercury is labeled as a hazardous material by the EPA, and the policies about disposal of it are really harsh. A person with four amalgams fillings in their mouth can not legally spit into a drain because of the amount of mercury out gassing into their mouths.

Just imagine what all that mercury is actually doing to your body! And then I read that symptoms of mercury overload don't start to become discernible until 20-30 years.... Think on that for a while!

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