19 April 2008

More Cats and Rats!

Nora had her batch of kittens today! She had one stillbirth and two live births. The kids have dubbed the kittens 'Blanket' and 'Fuzzy'. They are both gray with white paws. Mom and twins are all doing well.

Last week the kids managed to talk me into more rats. I really don't know quite how they did it! My adorable 'Little A', with his puppy eyes, melts hearts. Usually I am fairly immune to it. This time something in me caved! LOL And then the 'J-Man' had to start in, "But Mom, I don't even have a rat. Can't I at least get one?"
And it can be really hard to introduce new rats and old rats, and they often times can not stay in the same cage, and rats really do better with a friend or two.... And so, three little rats came home that day! 'The B' named her little cutie 'Mononoke' from the Hayao Miyazaki movie 'Princess Mononoke'. 'Little A' has dubbed his rat 'Snuffy', or 'Patches', depending on the mood he is in. And 'J-Man' introduced his rat to us as 'Chubby', although we keep accidentally calling it 'Fatso' from another Hayao Miyazaki movie, 'The Cat Returns'.

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