04 April 2008

Pity Party...Is it just an addiction?

Have you ever had so many things that you wanted to do that you didn't know where to start? This seems to be one of my favorite patterns to repeat. I get down on myself for not being good enough, I wallow in my pity party for a while, realize I am doing it and start trying to "fix" myself.

I use any number of a combination of things... no need for it to be boring! I skillfully employ E.F.T to get past my pity party. I use meditation to start bringing order and calm back to my life, and love to combine E.F.T. tapping and positive affirmations with it. I check my diet and notice that I have gone back to a few chips, or some noodles, sometimes it is just the coffee and my favorite man-made sweet Smarties... and reaffirm my intention to add back in more greens. I generally realize that I have slacked off and missed a few days of Green Smoothies * before I start having these cravings.

After I think I have successfully "fixed" myself, after all I am feeling better about myself at this point, I start trying to organize all the things that I want to do. After a few days of grand attempts to reign in my ambitions and prioritize my ideas, I wake up one day grumpy. I grump through the day until I see my own grumpiness, at which point I am off throwing another pity party about how I am overwhelmed so I deserve to be grumpy! Ohh boy, grumpiness and overwhelm must be some really good drugs!

I am of course referring to one of my favorite movies, "What The Bleep? Down the Rabbit Hole", in which it is explained that scientist have now been able to determine that one of the reasons we have such a hard time breaking habits is that our body creates essentially a drug for each emotion, and our body's easily adjust to be able to receive more of the "emotion drug" that we experience most often. And like all drugs, our body lets us know when we haven't gotten our daily dose...which leads us to creating a situation that will require that emotion. Watch yourself for a few days... see if you can find any of yours.

* Find out more about Green Smoothies at www.2CreateYourLife.com Just look for the Green Smoothie page... there's a link to Green Smoothie recipes from there!

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Kristen's Raw said...

Gotta get those delicious, energy filled, nutrient loving smoothies back :)