10 April 2008

Really Long Days

I started a one day project to move the computers to a different room four days ago. I really am not quite sure why it is taking so long.

I really wanted to get the computers out of the heat and into the daylight... you see, living in this temporary trailer has been quite an experience for me. I never understood why people would put aluminum foil over their windows. It would block out all the light, and make it impossible to open the window to let in fresh air! How could you live like that?! Now I know! I managed to lower the temperature of the room by almost 20 degrees by covering the windows with aluminum foil. But 85 degrees plus the heat being put out by the computers and the salt lamp, plus now air movement or fresh air, plus no daylight.... we never knew what time of day it was! We have ended staying up until 7am because we had no idea it was even dark out yet, let alone that the sun was rising! So out to the main room they come, and the front room becomes storage...I wonder if I should worry about DVDs melting in there?! And it is only the beginning of April! I foresee a move in the near future, I am visualizing a scenic neighborhood with an energy efficient 3 or 4 bedroom house just waiting for us.... "I'm not waiting...I'm creating!"

Anyways, here it is the end of day 4, and I only have one computer moved, and I've hit another stall point. This time the fish tank is not going to fit where I wanted it to because I changed the furniture that it is on. I really miss my tank stands! I really miss my 29 gallon fish tank too! (Where have I been all these years?...To not even know myself anymore!) Time moves on, and I don't relish being left behind, so I will move on and let the universe bring me fish tanks, stands, and fish again....

Part of the problem is being in a place that is too small for us. The rent may be affordable, but I'm not sure it is worth it! The problem with cheaper rent is that you end up having higher utility bills, and more fixing expenses. The problem with living somewhere to small is that you don't have enough room to turn around, let alone rearrange! LOL

I'm hoping that I can get enough cooperation from the children in getting toys put away (or at least moved out of the way!) that I can finish this one day project tomorrow. Then I need to start on the quick car project... and then there are the taxes to be filed before a week goes by! Both of those are definitely posts for another day! This is one of those really long days.... Have you ever had one of these?

Have a fantastic day!

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