23 May 2008

Emotional Freedom Techniques Script Released as it was Spoken!

Now that worked fast! It is amazing how quickly EFT can work! Emotional Freedom Techniques a.k.a. EFT is a simple to learn and use technique for releasing stuck emotions. EFT can be used to help reduce levels of pain, both physical and emotional. Emotional Freedom Techniques can be used to release fears. EFT works wonders on painful memories. Emotional Freedom Techniques is fantastic for changing old beliefs that no longer serve you. (How many beliefs do you still have from when you were a child that are no longer applicable to you as on adult? Those beliefs did not just go away because you got older!)

There are times that EFT can be a long ongoing process, slowly peeling away one layer at a time. But it is amazing how often it works lightning fast...and you are left not even remembering what you were saying or thinking, or why you were so upset. Did Emotional Freedom Techniques cause you to forget? No, it is not a mind erasing psycho voodoo! What happened is simply that EFT helped to release all the energy that was stuck in that place so that your brain can now process the information normally, instead of short circuiting. Sometimes this means that you can't recall the information because it just isn't that important anymore!

I am always told that I come up with wonderful Emotional Freedom Techniques scripts... maybe one of these days I will get a voice recorder so that I can share them with the world! It happened again this morning! I decided that I am hanging on to old beliefs, especially a bunch of childhood beliefs about not being old enough or smart enough (yeah right!), and they are really getting in the way as I raise my children and live my life! So this morning I started tapping and creating an Emotional Freedom Techniques script about hanging on to old beliefs on the fly. My teenage daughter was in the same room at the time and joined in. It was amazing to see her yawning and feel myself yawning several times. (Yawning is a common physical manifestation of the stuck energy being released.) As we finished up the third round of tapping, I realized that I should write the script down...it was spectacular! So I open up a text writer, start typing, and get all the way to, "Even though I have these old beliefs, I deeply love and accept myself. Even though ..." I lost it... it's gone. My teenage daughter too... we couldn't remember any of it! Now that really was a spectacular script! If only I had a voice recorder recording my every word, then maybe I could listen to this fantastic Emotional Freedom Techniques script, and the rest of the world could use it. Ah well, maybe next time I can share an EFT script with the world!
Click any of the links to learn more about Emotional Freedom Techniques at Gary Craig's EFT website. Gary Craig developed EFT.

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