18 May 2008

I am NOT a vending machine! (Raise the Vibration)

Or a toaster, or a slave, or your maid.... Do you ever have days where you feel like that?
Having children can leave you plenty of opportunity to feel that way.

How do you handle it? (Feel free to leave a comment with YOUR approach!)

My daughter tries the "yelling as loud as you can to get through their thick skulls" approach. Alternating that with the "I'm plugging my ears and humming so I can't hear you" approach. I have to admit I have used those in the past, and slide into them every so often.... How much do those really help? If it works for you, Kudos! I hope it creates what you want.

Think about that last statement.... I have. After all, that is what the whole www.2CreateYourLife.com thing is about! Whether you have studied the Law of Attraction, or just understand that kids model your behavior back to you, I think it can be agreed upon that yelling or ignoring them is not how you want them to treat you. At this point I imagine your are saying, "Yeah well, YOU got anything better?!"

I do. Have you ever tried the "You poor thing, what happened to your feet? Or hands?" approach? (I don't recommend the sarcastic approach for younger children, it has been proven that the human brain does NOT understand sarcasm until around the age of 7 years old...about the same time that their jokes makes sense, even if they aren't all that funny.) How about the "quiet and calm voice" approach? The one where they have to be quiet to hear you. But my favorite is the "raise the vibration" approach.

The "raise the vibration" approach is great for laziness, fighting, and depression for starters. And it is SO simple. When the tension level starts to raise in my house I simply say, "That's enough. Take a breath and name something you love." (Or two things you love, or five, or ten...) Some days they are so resistant to the idea that they will respond back that they don't love anything. Chin up, you aren't defeated. Tell them something that you love. If they are old enough, you can also try dramatic sarcasm to turn the tide.
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And if nothing else, you could always respond with,"I am NOT a vending machine! You are NOT supposed to push my buttons until I give you things!"

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