04 June 2008

EFT - it's been a while.

I feel like it has been a while since I talked about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Now is a good time. I used EFT to raise me from my depression a couple of years back, I used EFT to help get rid of some of the bad memories and feelings I had from when I was a child... not that I feel much older than that now! LOL And now, I am using it to get through this shocking realization that my children and I have been living through being emotionally abused. Start with Mom though... if she breaks down, nothing runs...
I had this fabulous EFT session the other day. I have so long been my own practitioner... and I really am quite good! But, it can be really hard to get through things when you are too close to the issue. It is really hard to find the right words, the right thoughts when you feel like you are drowning in the emotion. And I got the opportunity to have a session with another practitioner last week. All I can say is WOW! I feel like I cleared so much energy off of some really big issues... like about being emotionally abused... and the pattern of it throughout my life. I found some places where I finally put 2+2 together and realized just how strong I am. I realized just how fantastic our brains can be at protecting us when we need it. (The down side being that they are just as good at protecting us when we don't need it, and they are in the way!)
EFT so beats old fashioned counseling... I can't even imagine how much pain I would have gone through talking out the same issues, not to mention how long it would have taken. The thing about our brains are that they move at the speed of thought...and the mouth just doesn't go that fast! Imagine being able to resolve issues at the speed of thought. Imagine being able to get over fears at the speed of thought. That's quick.
No it doesn't always achieve "one minute miracles", after all I think most of us can agree with Shrek that we are kind of like an onion... and no I don't mean we make people cry, I 'm talking about the layers. Our brains may move at the speed of thought, but it doesn't always move in a linear pattern, or in a neat compartmentalized pattern. And it has this nasty habit of saying, "Ooohhh, that's better. On to something else now!" And off it goes on its merry little way leaving you standing behind in the dust saying, "But it is not gone yet...." Ah well, that's why the same thing seems to come up again and again.
And for me, right now, better is good. Baby steps... I mean who would I be if I didn't have all these problems? Who would I be if I wasn't so screwed up? Believe it or not, I actually called my Mom for the answer to that. Really. It went something like this, "Mom, what was I like when I was little... before that happened?" (Some day I might share what "that" is, but you might look for it over at the abuse blog.)
There is always tomorrow...baby steps.

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