05 June 2008

Life is SO Wonderful!

There are so many things in life to be grateful for! I have so much gratitude for so many things!

It seems that there are so many people who forget to smile, who forget to say thank you, who forget to appreciate all that they do have in their lives. A gratitude journal is such a fantastic way to remind ourselves to feel gratitude throughout our days. I've decided to share mine. Perhaps it is a way to balance my life, or maybe to balance my writing... As I have been writing posts for http:IdidntKnowItWasAbuse.blogspot.com I feel that while I am sure many people will benefit from knowing what emotional abuse is, and that they are not alone... I am feeling the drag down in my vibration as I write. So to balance that out, (and because this is so much more fun!), I am announcing another new blog. Come visit http://gratitudefor.blogspot.com. I am sure you will find a bit of inspiration and a reason to smile!

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