10 June 2008


I am amazed at just how much of our lives we live thinking that we are right, that we know what we are doing, that we understand the truth. It really isn't something that is commonly thought about. I mean, why would we think about it if we already know that we know the truth?
And yet, so much of our truth comes from our perspective. We process everything right down through the filters of our past experiences, our thoughts of those experiences, and "wala... our truth". And then we wonder how anyone could have seen it any differently from how we saw it? I mean WE ARE telling the truth, right?
How differently would we live our lives if "that" hadn't happened, or if we had processed it differently? How many different choices would we have? How much happier would we be now if we weren't constantly seeing everything now through those filters of what was? How much happier could we be if we could let go of those thoughts, and see clearly?
Perspective is a powerful thing. Think about it.

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