09 June 2008

Sometimes You Just Want to be in a Bad Mood

Do you ever have days like that? I just can't seem to shake it today, it keeps coming back. The kids aren't listening, the house is a mess, and things are working out rather well... why shouldn't I be in a bad mood?
Caught that, did you? Yeah, things are working out rather well, and I want to be in a bad mood. Maybe I wasn't really expecting things to go this way, and this is the bad mood I thought I would be in. Maybe things ending, no matter how great the ending is, is leaving me with an empty feeling that is showing itself as a bad mood. Maybe it is just natural to be sad when things end.

I know that I am attracting some not so good things to me as I sit in this bad mood. You would think that in itself would be enough motivation to do something about it! I suppose it has been, and I have. I've raised my vibration several times today, just to find out that the kids all snuck off to the other end of the house without doing their chores...and there the vibration plummets again. I really must be looking for things to bring me down. Isn't that odd, I used to look for things to bring me up, out of my funk...and today I am subconsciously looking for things to bring me down! What a hoot! I love that...something to be really grateful for! I have to look for reasons to NOT be happy! Hah! There I go again... now I am out of the funk again! Maybe this time I'll decide to let go of the bad mood, and continue on in this glorious life, being grateful for everything around me!
I hope you will join me in the pursuit of being grateful in every moment.

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