25 June 2008

Too Hot for Anything!

How do people survive in temperatures like these?! It's still June and we have been seeing over 110 degrees every day for over two weeks! And they say it gets hotter! Being from Chicago, I just don't quite adjust to the summer heat here in Arizona...and this time around I'm just a bit too close to Death Valley. Of course, I only rented this place because the landlord said it had three window air conditioners, and he was putting in Central Air in the spring...We hit summer a few days ago, and I am still waiting. And as for the window air conditioners, make that one.... Of course the landlord didn't even know that the last renters had taken out the furnace, so we already went through a cold winter, I guess a hot summer is just par here!

And through heat, I have to say that I am grateful that this is the desert were it also cools way down after dark. I feel kind of silly, blankets at night, and sleeveless and passing out from the heat during the day! I keep trying to switch our schedule... seems to make sense to me to sleep all afternoon, and get up at night when it is cool enough to move around! We'll see, so far all we seem to be able to do is stay up way too late at night and wake up just in time for the worst heat! Ick!

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