26 June 2008

The Toys Are Melting!

The toys are melting, and they are inside the house...and I don't want to be happy. What kind of atrocious place are we living in? Somewhere that is way too hot for way too much of the year. What is hot? Well around here they say 100 degrees is a nice day... I think I can almost agree with that statement now.
I live in a valley, on a one block long dead end street. The energy doesn't move anywhere. I live a short distance away from the Colorado River, the boundary for the AZ-CA state line, so you would think that a major river would have a good energy flow. The wind blows so strong and often here that Wind Advisories have become a common occurrence for us now. You would think that wind like that would create a good energy flow. But it doesn't. And after living here for eight months, I feel dead, hopeless, stuck...certainly having trouble feeling happy and being grateful. So maybe I attracted this place so that I could challenge myself to be happy anywhere. I did once (or maybe several times) make the statement that, "If we can live here for a year, we can live anywhere for a year." Maybe I think I needed to test that statement. Although we are on a month to month lease here. Of course if I look at it that way, my year is past half way over, in fact I suppose we can celebrate two thirds of our time being done! I guess that is why we are really feeling like we need to start looking for where we should go next. After all, we seem to have this insatiable need to keep moving around the country and exploring. I wonder if there is such a place as the perfect place, or if you only find perfection when you start accepting everything for what it is, not not trying to conform it to your own ideas....

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