19 July 2008

I Thought Self-Esteem was Important

I Thought Self-Esteem was Important

Isn't self-esteem important? Not really. If you have a high self worth, than it won't really matter to you what other people say about you. Self-esteem is the band-aid. It does help a bit in some instances, but it doesn't cure or fix the problem. You can learn to manipulate your self-esteem to your advantage. When your self-worth is really low, you can use your self-esteem to get your self-worth going in the right direction. Self-worth is what builds confidence, and success.

What Builds Self-Worth?

Accepting yourself for who you are is the beginning to building or raising your self-worth. It is important that you start to look for things about yourself that you like, that you value. This can be anything, no matter how small it may seem to you now. You may like the way you bake cookies, or maybe it is the way that you can always get a plant to grow. It might be something as simple as the way your child smiles when they see you, or the way the cat purrs when you pet it. (Notice how I start by finding things outside of yourself to raise self-esteem...it is a great way to jump start your mind into looking for positive things.)

Now move on to finding things about who you are that you like. This is the important part. This is what you think about yourself. You might like how you treat your friends, or that you hold the door open for other people. That might show you that you are nice, or considerate. Perhaps you think that you are a really good listener, or a great speaker. This might show you that you believe you are motivational or inspiring or caring. It is these “traits” that we are wanting to focus on. eg. Nice, considerate, motivational, inspiring, caring.... Continue to build a list of traits that you value about yourself.

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Author: Catherine Lillig


Catherine Lillig is a homeschooling mother of three children, and a student of personal development for over 15 years. Helping others to become the best they can be through knowledge and understanding is her mission. She is available for speaking engagements about Homeschooling, Life Learning, Radical Unschooling, and Personal Development, and how they can work hand in hand.

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