28 August 2008

Irradiating Lettuce and spinach Approved by FDA

You heard right. The FDA has approved the irradiating of spinach and lettuces. The have approved exposes our live food to radiation, and then letting it be served to us for consumption. The have approved the process of filling our foods with free radicals, dangerous toxins, and serving it to us at a restaurant with no labeling! The FDA has approved a process that has been proven to cause premature death, birth defects, genetic deformities, still births, and vitamin deficiencies to name a few "side effects".
Here is the good news: This irradiated food MUST be labeled at the supermarket! So at least when you are shopping you can use your eyes, to know what you are buying, and choosing to eat.
Take caution when you are not at home. The restaurants, the schools, the cafeterias at work and in the hospitals, do NOT need to notify you that they are serving you irradiated foods.

The organic label has had a hard road, and the government seems to always be trying to allow bad farming practices slide under the label, but here we stand firm. Organic food may NOT be irradiated.
I hope that you will feel the call to voice your opposition during this small 30 day window that we have to object and have our voices heard!
Click this link to learn more, and let your voice be heard! http://www.organicconsumers.org/irrad/irradiationcomment.htm
Here is the comment that I left. Hopefully it will inspire you. If you are left speechless, but want to help the cause; please feel free to copy my comment, and add your name to the list of people who oppose this latest threat the FDA has put to our food and our health!

"Please do not irradiate our fresh produce. The problem of disease ridden plants lies in the farming of animals, and the cross contamination of their farming practices. Irradiated food only kills viable nutrition for people such as myself who are incredibly sensitive to the nutritional components of food, and creates toxins that will only add to the health burden already carried by so much of the popluation. Irradiating does not solve the problem. Irradiating only puts a band aid over the problem, leaving the wound to fester in the dark. Years from now, scientists will prove why irradiating food is bad for our health...I wonder if the government will choose to release that information to the general public in a timely manner, or if millions will suffer and die needlessly simply because they are ignorant."

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