11 September 2008

Comedy Shows

After moving to one of the hottest places on Earth... okay, I don't know if that is really true or not. The forecasted highs for September 12 through 16 are 106, 108, 109, and 109 here. I think that puts us in the running! I am still amazed at how hot it has been here and for how long. We have been wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts since March. We are tired of it, and want to wear short sleeves, jeans, maybe cuddle up in a sweater... that is hard to do when it is still 90 degrees at night!

Side tracked. My point was that after moving here, we have gotten way too involved in television again. We have caught up on all the reruns of the shows we haven't watched in the last three or four years. We have new favorites. We look forward to next week shows, and have even figured out what day of the week it is by what tv shows were on.... WAY TOO INVOLVED!

But we haven't gotten desperate yet. We have not succumbed to mindlessly watching canned laughter comedy shows. And I don't think we ever will. After all, it seems that someone could be getting scene ideas from us! Several times a day The B is cracking up over something, trying not to fall on the floor laughing, over something that is going on. And after the contagious laughter has made it way through the entire family, often more than once, and settled down again, THE WORDS are said. "They should make a comedy show about us!"

Yes, it is true. My household IS a comedy show.
No canned laughter needed.

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