05 September 2008

Creative Moments

One of the kids' treats, is going to the dollar store and getting pudding cups. And I use the word "treats" lightly, what I actually mean is "bribe". Just don't tell them that! The dollar store is only about a mile away, so I let the kids walk over there to get little things occasionally...pudding cups, tuna for Nora, sketch pads, more sketch pads....

I should preface the rest of this post by telling you that I have found it to be a much easier system in my house to label individual servings of food as they come in the house. This way everyone knows how many they have left, and doesn't accidentally eat someone else's special treat. We do this with everything from granola bars to suckers to pudding cups.

The last time they went to the dollar store, I noticed it took longer to put away the goods. All was explained when The B came out to the living room to proudly display her pudding cup...."B turned into a butterfly! What do you think?"

Then just as proudly she pulls out from behind her back another pudding cup in her other hand..."A turned into a dolphin!" Little A loves water creatures, and dolphins have been high up on the list for the last week or so.

At this point she is out of hands, and starts jumping up and down, "Wait! Wait! There's more!" She giggles all the way into the kitchen. When she comes back she is again holding two pudding cups, but this time displays J the lemur. Why a lemur? I have no idea, neither does she. It has a good tail for making out of a J, I guess!

She saves the best for last. She pulls out the last one, and beams as she displays C for Cat. Yeah, I know, can't give her points for originality on that one, but what else do you do with 'Cathy who likes cats'?

If it was after midnight or something, I could easily pass this off as being over tired. But it wasn't, so I guess I will have to admit that we just like being creative and goofy all the time!

Laughter is great! I love homeschooling!

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