13 September 2008

Life Keeps Going...

Life keeps going whether you go with it, or watch it pass you by. This point has been brought out in neon flashing lights in our house over the last few weeks.
When we built my computer five years ago, it was made up of the best and fastest components available. And the kids computer was put together of the left overs, other pieces as we gathered them, but still keeping ahead of Gateway and Dell!
Two weeks ago I ordered some new Hot Wheel computer games from Amazon.com for the boys. One of their favorites wouldn't play anymore, so I went looking for a new copy of it. While I was browsing, I saw a newer Hot Wheels game that is a multi player game where you could race against a friend. What a perfect game for brothers, and their sister, who love to race and try to beat each others scores! So I ordered it. I was so excited. I love suprising them with small gifts in the mail!
Last week we get the game, go to install it, and the drive won't even recognize that there is a disc in it. Silly me, I forgot life keeps going....
Just for kicks we put the disc into my computer, thinking that we had somehow gotten a bad disc... but it came up. Mind you, I checked the requirements on the buy page, and we met them. But I grab the box from the game and read the requirements printed on it. DVD drive......life keeps going.
My computer got a DVD drive when I started recording the boys' kid shows, and then cutting the commercials out of them on the computer and burning the shows to DVD for them. But why did the kids need one?
This week we received the new DVD drive, it gets installed, and .... now it is the graphics card....
Well, in some fit of treating myself for a change, I had gotten in a new graphics card for my computer two weeks ago, so trembling with uncertainty I put this game disc into my computer again. This time I intended to install it and see if it would run. The game box said something about a video card with Shader technology.... ummmmm....life keeps going.

Fortunately the game loaded on my computer, although I still haven't tested it to see if it will run properly. At least I know that it meets the minimum requirements.... Wow, it has only been five years since I had the fastest thing out there. I have upgraded the video card, the RAM, and the drives...and it meets the minimum requirements.

I'll test the game on my computer, and if it runs sufficiently, I'll order another video card like mine and install it into the kids' computer.... if it doesn't? Well, then I guess I need to go figure out what PCI Express 2.0 and Shader 2.0 technology means, and start pricing motherboards et al. times two. And we were wanting to add computers to the house. I guess that will wait, as life keeps going.

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