04 October 2008


It has been about 6 weeks since Nora had her latest batch of kittens. This time we had the unexpected surprise of having three kittens born, and they were all strong enough to live! They have all received names. We have "Sandy Patches", "Panther", and "Blanket". "Blanket" is the only boy. We are thrilled by having girls in this litter! Just this week they have started climbing up piles of blankets, and running across the room.

Earlier today, the kittens found Nora's tuna can and tested the remains. Next we found them sitting over the dry cat food bowl munching away on the kitten chow. I bet Nora is thrilled that they are starting to eat some food. The poor girl has been looking so thin, and eating twice as much as usual!

Then this afternoon we found them exploring the cat tree. I am so thrilled to see them playing on it! I loved buying the cat tree for Nora and the other cats we had back then, but it has seemed so silly to have it lately since Nora hasn't been using it very much. "Panther" was the first one up the tree, and into the house. While "Sandy Patches" enjoyed napping in the tunnel and on the first shelf!

Tonight the two girl kittens explored down the hallway and ended up splashing in the water on the bathroom floor from the boys' bath. It was really cute to see them trying to shake off their feet after each step. And silly little "Sandy Patches" was licking up the water from the floor.

Meanwhile, "Blanket" has become famous for being a limp noodle when he sleeps. He has become the baby, and everyone wants to hold him while he sleeps. We were noticing how similar looking "Blanket" and his older brother "Monster" are. We are grateful that he appears to be "a kinder, gentler monster"!

They are all so sweet! We are having a blast with them. I am so glad that my boys have had a chance to experience the kittens birth and growing up. It has prompted many a discussion. This is one of the best parts of Life Learning (Unschooling). Teaching to the moment.... When it happens we talk about it, and they learn it so much better that way.

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