22 October 2008

Pear and Parsley Green Smoothie on Squidoo!

I am always cautious about trying new things. That sounds strange since I like constant change, but it is true. I take a really long time to find out everything about it, weigh the consequences of doing it, and then think about it for a while longer. If I get around to something new within a year, I am doing really good! Well, it depends on what it is... 2 years ago I was still hyperventilating every time we looked at or talked about MP3 players! Today I can even tell you quite a bit about them!
Creating a lens on Squidoo was something I actually ran away from when I first heard about it a couple of years ago... as it first opened. It was too new, there were no reactions to it from normal people to base an opinion on. There wasn't very much information out there about it.... (Wow, I used to be so adventurous. I wonder what happened...I think something changed when I had kids....)
Well, my daughter has been creating lenses over at Squidoo, and she finally got me interested in it! So, yesterday I made my very first lens! It was actually very easy! And it made a really great looking page!

So if you want the latest green smoothie recipe, you will have to go check out my Squidoo lens!
Here's where you will find it: http://www.squidoo.com/Pear-and-Parsley-Green-Smoothie-Recipe

And here's a taste! "...As we get out of the growing season, I am finding the price of green leafies to be going up exponentially. I decided that I want to find some fantastic winter greens... meaning that they taste good, and are cheap in price! Parsley is always under a dollar, and the glorious darkness of its green leaves and stems have both intrigued me and scared me off. I find that the darker the green, the stronger the flavor, and I have been afraid that it would have too strong of a flavor. On the other hand, the darker the green color, the more nutrition its little cells hold! So, I braved my fears, and bought a couple of bunches of parsley this week."

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