16 October 2008

Peggle is BACK!

The house has been all abuzz today. The reason? Peggle Nights! Yes, I am talking about a downloadable computer game, but a fantastic game for kids and parents...and everyone else too! It is even one I count as a homeschooling tool because it has helped the kids to develop a sense of how to use angles! Ah the joys of homeschooling... everything counts!
What is Peggle, you ask? Ahhh, an exciting adventure into the world of pinball at the Peggle University with all the adorable teacher characters! The Headmaster, Bjorn the unicorn, starts off your training. He challenges you to hit all the orange pegs, and entices you with bonuses of free balls, style points, and his own special ability of seeing the angle of the first bounce! From there you go from one teacher to another, heading to more challenging boards, and learning each teacher's  special ability.
And the Peggle Institute is back in Peggle Nights! We arrive late, and peek into the surreal dream worlds of our familiar teachers. Join in as we experience the secret dream worlds: fight crime, be a scientist, admire artwork, and more.
Why is this such a big deal to us? Well, we all love the cute characters, have a great time with the special abilities, and love the triumphant music as we accomplish our tasks. In addition to that, we love naming our replays and going back to watch them again! Plus, any game that has a multi-player feature gets more than a cursory look in our house. And if it is little kid friendly, it's a winner!
Peggle Nights offers an Adventure mode to see the whole story, a Quick Play mode when you just want to play your favorite round, a Duel mode for challenging others to see who can get the most points, and extra Challenges for when you are done with the lessons!
Check out the great price you can get this game (and every game in their stock) for if you are part of the Big Fish Game Club!

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