09 October 2008

Watch Your Toes!

It has only been a few days, but the kittens have changed so much! I can't beilieve that they are only 5 1/2 weeks old! (Thanks to my daughter who blogged about when they were born, otherwise I would have no idea!) They are just the size of Beanie Babies, so they are soooooo cute!

It has been a while since we have had multiple kittens in the house at the same time. I had forgotten how much they run around, and attack everything...whether it moves or not! I am glad that we have the cat condo and cat tree and other smaller toys for them to play on! It saves the furniture. I think they would be climbing the curtains if they didn't have these cat toys to play on!

It is amazing how much their personality comes through, even at this young age. I know that they will settle down as they get older, but you still get an insight now as to how they will be when they grow up.
Sandy Patches, the ferocious attack cat (aka. the Princess, fuzzy Beanie Baby) - she is slightly larger than her brother and sister, and seems to be the first one to do anything. She was the first to discover the food dish, the first to climb the blanket pile, the first one to sleep in the cat tree... and now she is a force to be reckoned with as she gleefully enters playtime rearing to pick a fight... or two... at the same time!
She will take on both her brother and sister at the same time, and come out victorious! And then promptly finds a quiet location to fall over and take a nap in...even if it is the middle of the floor!

Panther, guerilla warfare's her game (aka. precious) - she's the runt, but she keeps up and finds her own way to do things! She has the extra charged up batteries in her! She can keep her own in a fight with her sister, but prefers the hide and attack method so much better! It's so funny to watch her pop out of some small place, jump on her sister, and be running for the next small place to hide all in the blink of an eye! Her favorite place to sleep is up in the top of the cat tree!
We did lose her for a time today. After tearing apart the house looking for her, looking down the exposed floor vents, behind the shoe bin, in the stuffed animal basket... we finally found her asleep in the give away box! In our defense, the hallway where the box is kept was dark....ummmmmmm.

Blanket, do I have to?! (aka. velvet, Mr. Noodle) - he's the only boy in the litter, and he has learned to keep his head down! He's so easy going, but he will fight off his sister if either one of them attack. Once in a while he joins the fray of flying teeth and tails of his own volition. But he is best known for his velvety fur, and his lazy trusting nature.

He loves to ride on my son's back, and will often fall asleep there! We most often find him in whatever kitten pile he can find to curl up in! He loves to sit by his older brother, Monster, and follow him around. It's really cute to watch him keep up with his older brother (different litter) who is twice his size!

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