29 November 2008

Free Bags!

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are across the country from our family, so we didn't have plans. And then we managed to do the shopping, but forgot the sweet potatoes. And then to boot, it was COLD and rainy all day. It only got up to 55 degrees...but this is the middle of the Mohave desert in Arizona, it doesn't get that cold until January! And rain? In November?

Well, we are grateful for the rain...even though it lasted for three days! The dirt out side actually looks like it was rained on. It is pretty cool. I had forgotten how much I liked looking at the sand on the Chicago beach just after a rain when I was little.

We decided to pick up canned yams (YUCK) at the dollar store, just so we wouldn't be without them. And it just so happened that the dollar store had just gotten in a shipment of branded reusable grocery bags...and they were giving one to each customer that came in.

They know us really well over there. They are within walking distance, so the kids and I go over there to pick up notebooks, sketch pads, and miscellaneous food items that really are cheaper there...okay, and the kids love to get toys every week. (And it doesn't break my budget to let them pick from the dollar store!)

Back to the point, when my daughter came in for the canned yams, they handed her a handful of bags! Something about how we ALWAYS bring our bags with us and it is so cool. Not to mention it is great advertising for them!

So now we have four new bags, one for each of us!

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