30 November 2008

Free Cookie

Little A and I went to the store this evening. We really wanted tomato soup with our grilled cheese, but the boys had the last can a couple of days ago. It was a really fantastic trip. Little A got a rocket cart all to himself, well he had brought Bunny with him, but no brother! And we went through the store getting our list of stuff, with people smiling at us, and saying hello, and even moving when they thought they were in the way. Wow, it was really neat. I even had someone compliment me on my control of the rocket cart! How often does that happen?!

We ended up needing to go to the bakery counter, because the loaf of fresh bread Little A picked out didn't have a tag on it. As we were standing there, Little A started picking out which doughnut he wanted to get next time we got some. And then we had to go back because he couldn't remember which were the cake doughnuts (my favorite, plain of course). And then he saw the cookies, and started pointing out which cookies he liked the looks of most. At that point, the lady at the bakery counter couldn't help herself, and asked if he wanted a free cookie sample! It was hilarious to see Little A response! He was so taken aback by someone at a store offering him a free cookie, he just sat there blinking his eyes for several seconds. Then he took the cookie she handed him, and looked at me. I told him he could have it, and he gave the bakery lady a great big smile, and said thank you over the top of the cookie as he took his first bite.

Every day of life is full of things to appreciate and be grateful for.

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