08 November 2008

The Holidays Have Begun! And Our Animal Changes

This is the busiest time of year for me. It starts just before Halloween as I have three family members who share the 27th as a birthday! Follow that up with my birthday, and it being a Presidential election year on the same day, next day another birthday.... And now we can breathe for a day or two before the next birthdays hit, followed by Thanksgiving!

In between all of this, life goes on as active as ever! We found new homes for the boy rats. YEAH! And then we  brought home two gerbils instead! They are really cute! We have two girls that are litter mates, so they can share a cage. One of them is dark brownish black, and the other is light brown the color of honey. They were appropriately named Midnight and Honey! I will get pictures posted as soon as I have the time to deal with uploading on this slow high speed internet connection!

Among other news, the kittens are all growing, and being very active! They are a lot of fun, but we are desperate to narrow down the number of cats in the house. Three of these adorable, fluffy, cuddly bundles of furry fun are looking for new families. Any takers? Okay, anybody close to us?!

I also finally started up the remaining 10 gallon fish tank that made it last year when we moved. Being such a small tank, we decided to fill it with a male betta. We just love their personalities! Their long flowing , colorful fins are gorgeous. we love to watch them pose for us to show off, or swim over to the glass to greet us when we come near. Of course, my favorite thing is to catch a betta laying in a plant! To keep the tank cleaner, we brought home an Otocinclus ( a type of very small catfish who likes to eat algae) named Oto. I know, it is so original, huh?! The last tank mates are three danios. It appears that we have two females and one very active male who chases the females around relentlessly. Poor girls.

If it sounds a little on the full side, don't worry. first off, I am done (with this tank!) Second, I also have several live plants and an extra fake plant as well as a fake log stump for them to swim through and hide in. And last, I have installed a second filter to keep the tank well balanced. It looks beautiful, and is running very well.

That rounds up the animal changes!

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