10 November 2008

If you Homeschool, does that mean your a religous nut?

So my teenage daughter has recently been exploring for a way to socialize with intelligent people who are in her approximate age range, or interest range. (Beam me up Scotty. There's no intelligent life here!) She has turned to the internet, and some of these social networking groups (again) after finding a few homeschool groups communicating on them.
Some of the threads that run through these groups are hilarious! Of course she shares the best with me....
One of our favorite current threads is about the most commonly asked questions people ask you and how you respond to them. Our favorite post had this religious based question in it. "If you homeschool, does that mean you're Mormon?"

Sometimes it feels like the major reason that people homeschool is because of their religious beliefs. And then the rest of us get lumped in...

So my daughter dared me to respond to someone in the catchy way I spouted out upon hearing the question.... Here goes!
"Quite the opposite! Thank God I am not part of that cult. And when I say God, I use it loosely only as a name to give the intelligence of the energy that makes up everything in this universe, and is in fact the fabric of the very universe itself!"

My reasons for homeschooling? Ummm, that would take a while, and how deep do you really want me to go? How about starting with, "Because I have intelligent children, and I don't want them to be dumbed down by the government funded schooling system." "Because I think that learning to think for yourself is a valuable skill to have." "Because possessing the ability to follow your thoughts, learn , and continue to grow is an important part of life if you want to be happy." How about if I admit some selfish reasons. "My kids are important to me, and I think it is my God given right to educate them." (That goes out to all those religious nuts! LOL)
And I think I'll finish up with something simple... "I like my kids, and enjoy spending time with them."

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P.D. said...

(Wait Scotty! Stop the beam, there's intelligence here!) :)
I love your sprouts, you should write more of them, (they are hilarious!)

Oh, and I think I would like your teenage daughter... wait, I just said I think I would like myself... that didn't come out right! lol!