25 November 2008

I'm not comfortable with that weirdness yet...

Have you ever wanted to try something new, but not wanted to let anyone know about it at first? Perhaps it sounds a bit "out there" or even backwards. Maybe you want to give it a try and make sure it isn't totally dumb, or even "too weird" for you. Maybe you just want to get used to the idea, or gain some skill or proficiency in whatever it is before you start letting other people see you do it.

Everyone feels this way at some point, I am sure. And others feel this way about everything.
As adults we hear things that we aren't sure about, or maybe we aren't sure about how our friends, coworkers, parents, or even strangers will react.

I have plenty of thoughts on things that I am now comfortable with that have given me pause once upon a time. I remember the years I spent in uncertainty of homeschooling. There was a time when I had trouble explaining to people why we don't eat meat. There was a time when I was embarrassed if ANYONE saw me tapping an EFT sequence. There was a time when zip ups were only done in the privacy of our home.

As a homeschooling mom, I see it in two of my three children. And I know that I was the same way as a child. These are the kids that you just leave the information lying around and wait for it to suddenly disappear. And then one day your child comes out and knows exactly how to do ___ perfectly, or maybe they now know everything there is to know about___.

So when our package arrived in the big brown truck today, the one we have been waiting in electric anticipation for, I set it aside to be opened later. After all, the repairmen are here fixing one of the bathroom floors and toilets.

So what's in the package that the big brown truck brought us today?... I'll tell you another time; I'm not comfortable with that weirdness yet!

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