19 November 2008

...We Give Her Tuna, So She Sticks Around!

Nora AloofOur dear Miss Nora... she is so patient and sweet. As she is passed from person to person, hugged, rolled over on her back, covered with blankets, and talked to in funny voices, she rolls her eyes. You can just see the thoughts moving across her mind. "Do they have to do this?" "They let go, I can make my escape now." "If I just hold still, it will be over sooner!"

Nora Disgusted
Ber gets up and heads toward the kitchen, Miss Nora quickly on her heels with a bounce in the pitter patter of her furry feet. My quick wit rings out in the "Miss Nora voice", full of expectation and anticipation, "Will YOU give me tuna?!"

These little blurbs of life are among the funniest. Our smart little kitty, Mom to several kittens now, knows how the things in the kitchen work. She knows that in order for the tuna can to smell like tuna and have tuna easy to eat, the can opener is needed. We will often ask her what she needs, and truly expect an answer from her. With other cats, we would hold the tuna can out to them and ask if it was what they wanted. They would mill around our legs meowing and purring.

When we hold the tuna can out to Nora, and ask if this is what she wants, she turns her nose up at us and walks away. On the other hand, if we get out the can opener, and ask if it is what she wants, she responds with incessant meowing, and hoping from stool to counter to table to floor following us around at our level as much as possible. You can imagine the amount of laughter and joking this creates! In Miss Nora's defense, we have had this nasty habit of giving the cats the unopened can of tuna when they responded that they wanted the tuna can...she learned quickly. Of course she gives us looks of utter disgust when we tried to put the can opener down for her... we quickly learned better!

Nora YawningTo get back to my story though, I call out in my best "Miss Nora voice", "Will YOU get me tuna?!" Ber turns around to Miss Nora and responds, "Of course I will, but it will cost you a hug!" She leans over and picks her up. As she is hugging Miss Nora, she calls out, "Ooohhhh, she's purring!" I respond, "You know, for all the torture that we put Miss Nora through," and Ber quickly interrupts,"We give her tuna, so she sticks around!"

Another quirky life moment that brings laughter to everyone, and makes me glad I homeschool, and have such fun children! I was actually going to finish my sentence by saying, "...she knows that is just our quirky way of showing her how much we love her." Hmmm... both true, but the first one was funnier!

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