01 December 2008

Hello Kitty Bags

We have gotten so much attention about these cute bags! Little A is really into Hello Kitty, and we always struggle to find non girl specific Hello Kitty toys for him. When we found these little kid sized reusable shopping bags with Hello Kitty on them, we were thrilled! There were four colors, so Little A had to have one of each. And then he was so thrilled with the bags, that he decided to buy one for each of us!

They don't hold a lot, but they are just perfect for young kids. The big reusable grocery bags that we always use hold so much that they get to heavy for the boys to carry, especially Little A...after all, he is only five. But these little Hello Kitty bags are just perfect for putting in a bunch of bananas, or a bag of apples, or a few other items, and they don't get too heavy. So now the boys bring the Hello Kitty bags everywhere, and always pick what they want to carry in their bags. And we always get comments about their size, and how cute they are. And we now know that Hello Kitty is well loved among a wide age range of people!

I hope that our new Target store is enjoying all the people we send looking for little Hello Kitty reusable grocery bags! And I hope there are a lot of other younger kids who are enjoying using their personal Hello Kitty reusable grocery bags (at least after Christmas)!

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