11 December 2008

How Does Life Learning Work?

The process of life learning is so simple. It is the same process that we go through as adults. It is the basic way that anyone learns anyone.
Interest + Exposure = Learning

And so it is that schooling (learning) can occur anytime, anywhere. Last night, Little A comes to me and says, "Mom, do you know why I love the teeter-totter?" "Why do you love the teeter-totter?" I respond back. And his response through me off guard. It is just amazing when you can actually SEE learning take place. Little A said, "Because I can weigh stuff with it." And he proceeds on to list off several experiments that he and the J-man had been doing. This toy is heavier that this stuffed animal. These three stuffed animals are not as heavy as little A. And on and on he listed. 

Who knew I had a set of scales in the front room?!

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