20 December 2008

The Strength of Music

It is amazing to me how music can instantly change your mood. 
Last night, when a neighbor hosted a heavy metal rock groups band practice, everyone got crabby and started picking fights. It didn't help that the band members appeared to be deaf since they had the music up so loud. It was so loud that we were having trouble hearing each other in our house with everything closed up... and the band was over on the next block! Wow!
When they finally ended and went home, the silence was deafening. About an hour later, we realized how we had been picking fights with each other and apologized. The rest of the night was so peaceful.

On the other hand, today when we were feeling a bit run down and depressed I turned on some bouncy music. The kids perked up, and smiles started appearing on everyone's faces. Laughter started ringing around the house.

What was our magic choice of bouncy music? Our own playlist pulled from The Cheetah Girls: One World soundtrack and a couple of Corbin Bleu songs thrown in for good measure.
Then to mellow it back out we threw in John Lennon "Watchin' The Wheels", and rounded it out with some Success Songs to stay happy!

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