09 February 2009

Gray, Overcast, and Just a Little Bit Out of Focus

I think it is probably just the weather... it's raining again. We have spent the last several days swapping bath towels from around the windows and doors as they are dripping with water, and putting them through the washer and dryer. the landlord knows about all the leaks, but doesn't want to do anything about them. Too much money these days I guess... of course, I thought that was why I paid rent each month! ;-)
In addition to the rain, it is just chilly again.... And it looks like the chill is staying with us over the next ten days according to the weather maps. We are staying in the 50s and 60s for our highs, and the nights are spent in the 40s.
Go ahead, call me wimpy, but this is why I like living out here! I moved away from all these cold and rainy days 6 years ago... 32 years of Chicago weather had left me frozen to the bone, year round! One advantage to having spent the last 6 years moving to various locations within the Sonoran and Mohave deserts is that there is almost always blissful sun and warmth...at least down here in AZ.
But alas, I did say ALMOST always. The bountiful life of the desert does need to have water occasionally. And the winters really do get much colder than the summers. If you peruse through the old posts, I am sure that I mentioned the 120 degree days of summer. Some quick math... 120 degrees minus 40 degrees equals an 80 degree difference. Now think of your summers and subtract 80 degrees... just a little bit chilly huh?!

But today I am feeling a lot like the view out my window. Gray, overcast, and with the water making little streams down the window everything is just a little bit out of focus.

This is so different than the cries of last week. The baby (he may be 6 years old now, but he is still my baby!) was pleading with me to take him to the little secluded cove we found off the river bank on our walk, so we could go swimming. The other two chimed in... it was at least warm enough to go wading into the water. And then we could explore the reeds across the way. The warm breeze of spring blew over the Colorado river that  day, and we had the most wonderful walk/climb along the alternating rocky and sandy shore line. We even had a small group of ducks following us along, and we were joking that we were taking our pet mallards for a walk. (Little did the ducks know that we didn't have anything to feed them!)

Maybe that warm breeze will come back next week, or the week after. Our spring adventures will be awaiting us then....

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