16 February 2009

rGBH FREE finally!

rBGH FREE!I was thrilled to read this little blurb in one of my newsletters! It may not pertain to product names that my household uses, but we certainly do know them! They are very mainstream, and we are thrilled to see companies that are so main stream finally taking a stand against the bovine growth hormone!
Yeah! Time to celebrate!

Here's the clip from the newsletter:
"Yoplait, a leading brand of yoghurt, and the 19th largest dairy producer in the U.S., has announced, that as of August 2009, it will no longer purchase milk from dairies injecting their cows with Monsanto's controversial genetically engineered synthetic hormone, recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). Yoplait's rejection of rBGH-tainted milk comes in the wake of a consumer campaign organized by the Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, the OCA, and dozens of allied public interest organizations. Yoplait's action is amplified by a growing number of mainstream companies who have recently turned their backs on rBGH, including Starbucks, Caribou, Cabot cheese, and Subway. For over ten years, OCA and our allies have led the charge against rBGH and other genetically engineered foods and food ingredients. Although rBGH is not allowed on organic farms and is banned in most of the industrialized world because of its threats to both animal and human health, this cruel and dangerous drug is still injected into approximately 10% of U.S. dairy cows--to force them to produce more milk. With your help, OCA and its allies will continue our campaign until Monsanto's rBGH is driven completely off the market."
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And , yes, I did put a Law of Attraction label on this post. It is nice to realize that when so many of us come together to stand for what is important to us, that no matter how big it is, we can create a future of our choosing!

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